Object analysis


Market evaluation of real estate in Germany offered by Mor-Shoval Consulting, will allow choosing the most profitable and reliable proposal among many other observable objects.

Due Diligence process


An investment in Germany, the country with the most stable economy in the EU, is the most reliable capital investment. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers its services upon investment project monitoring in Germany.

Cash management


Mor-Shoval Consulting Company performs management of assets of more than 300 of real estate objects. Such significant experience guarantees efficient cash management of a foreign investor.


Investment market of Germany is quite diverse, but only a professional team of specialists - Mor-Shoval Consulting Company - can make profit of this variety.
Investments into the German economy are the most reliable capital investments. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers to consider the most profitable investments.
Construction and remedial work in Germany are a huge and prosperous market. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company offers to use its benefits.
Mor-Shoval Consulting offers a highly qualified expert assessment of the potential business partners in order to provide complete security for your investments.
The search for a suitable real estate object necessarily includes the assessment of its value and condition. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers its services upon assessment and audit of real estate.
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Consulting in real estate is one of the precedence of Mor-Shoval Consulting. Residential and commercial facilities, plots of land, construction investment objects – the company will find the best capital investment for you.

Investment market

Germany is a country with the most stable and developed economy in the EU. Capital investment in different types of real estate or shares of stock, is most reliable and profitable, and provides permanent income. But to choose the best possible investment object, the consultation of a team of professionals is needed.
Mor-Shoval Consulting Company offers consulting in Germany, ensuring the most profitable cash investment for foreign investors.
  • Investment market - the most promising and stable options for investment.
  • Valuable security – the Federal Republic of Germany is an undeniable leader in export into the EU. The stocks of the well-known manufacturers of cars, household appliances and textiles provide a guarantee income.
  • Business partnership in Germany – investment into an operating enterprise of such an economically stable country as the FRG, for certain meets all expectations.

Real estate market

Mor-Shoval Consulting offers highly professional consulting of commercial real estate, residential buildings, and industrial facilities to guarantee the best possible investment conditions and maximum profit for the client.
Real estate in Germany is still the most promising sphere of investment. According to the current legislation of the country, foreign citizens’ rights in relation to the property don’t differ from the rights of the citizens of Germany. Complete support offered by Mor-Shoval Consulting will make the choice, assessing and purchasing a property, easy and clear.
  • Residential real estate in Germany belongs to the most reliable objects – apartments, houses, apartment buildings, acquired both for private and commercial usage. German banks willingly provide loans for the purchase of housing. There are criteria which must be fulfilled. With our help, you can be sure to purchase an object of high interest and value.
Residential real estate consulting includes not only the offer of an object, but also local market analysis, technical situation of the building, paperwork and audit, cost estimating and effectiveness of investment. Mor-Shoval Consulting will not only find the most suitable object, it will choose the best possible.
  • Commercial real estate – offices, storage buildings, shops, hotels and others. The choice here is equally challenging: it’s important to assess not an absolute value of the object, but the local conditions, proximity to the next highway, location within the city or nature of the anticipated income – seasonal or permanent. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company offers its clients the most complete consulting on the objects of any purpose.
  • Enterprises – are considered relatively risky investments in Germany, however they can bring the most profit. Economic stability votes for its confidence.