Business partnership


Forms of cooperation

Partnership is an official form of business activity of several legal entities or natural persons. It is indispensable that such agreement implies confidence between the parties and contribution of each participant in the form of investments, professional knowledge, property, relations etc. To find a business partner in Germany is a task far from being easy. Mor-Shoval Consulting will help to solve it - fast and efficient.

There are two forms of partnership that differ significantly in terms of their arrangement forms and methods of common activity.

  • Partnership of the first level implies common activity that leads to obtaining profit. The agreement clearly determines the duties of the participants, the amount of investments, revenue sharing arrangements and others. In such case, every business partner contributes into business.
It can be not only the amount of money, but also relations, database, clients etc., everything that can help to achieve success.
  • As a rule, partnership of the second level is performed between the legal entities, as it implies such agreement where the company solves its strategic tasks using the resources of a more powerful company.

More often cooperation and partnership of foreign investor with the entrepreneurs of Germany is conducted according to the first scheme.

Forms of partnership agreement

When developing a business project, Mor-Shoval Consulting considers all possible options for agreement to find the best individual solution for each client. The company is interested in the successful development of business of the investment partners and offers the most profitable projects.

  • Complete partnership – according to such agreement, shared management of all company activities is performed.
  • Limited – means partial responsibility, more often it is implemented at acquisition of the real estate objects.
  • Trading partner in Germany – implies a commercial cooperation made for obtaining profits.
  • Non-commercial exists to achieve social or research purposes.

Any agreement requires, in first turn, reliability of the supposed partner. It’s quite difficult to assess true capabilities of the company, its business reputation, significance and efficacy of the proposals, if there are no relevant relations and possibilities. Mor-Shoval Consulting undertakes to provide data finding and assessment of the activities of a potential partner, as well as conduct preliminary negotiations.

In the same manner, the arrangement of the network of partners is performed. The company excludes participation in the project of the societies that have not been able to prove their reliability.