The advantages of the Berlin real estate market
Residential property in Berlin is not only prestigious but also a genuinely profitable option. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers its services in choosing and evaluating the most attractive objects for investments.
Real estate taxes in Germany
German taxation system is one of the most complicated; it includes at least three levels. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers its services in the field of FRG taxation. 

German real estate investment

To buy real estate in Germany means to invest in one of the most profitable investment projects. There is a wide range of significant factors supporting this statement:
  • Country economy is considered the most stable one in the EU. Even at the peak of the crisis, residential real estate prices in FRG only went 1% down as this sector remained in constant demand.
  • Apartment prices demonstrate sustainable growth. It is virtually impossible to lose such investment.
Foreigners purchase residential property on the same terms as German citizens. Country legislation does not impose any restrictions on foreigners owning residential or commercial property.
Ownership of a house or a hotel in FRG does not constitute grounds for obtaining a residence permit. However, when considering this issue, it is regarded as an advantage for the applicant.

Types of real estate

Terms of property purchase do not depend on the purpose. However, the purpose matters when it is necessary to apply for a bank credit to complete the purchase. Mor-Shoval Consulting experts offer the most exhaustive information on such negotiations and preparation of documents.
Residential property is purchased for living; however, it may be let out for lease this way turning into income generating properties. German banks are willingly granting credits for such purchases.
Commercial property – such as offices, hotels, car washes, etc. - guaranties at least the same steady income and is a profitable investment object.

Market peculiarities

German real estate market has its peculiarities related to the level of development of different regions. Mor-Shoval Consulting has wide connections in the market offering profitable projects in each sector.
German real estate prices not only depend on the city status but also on the opportunities to find a top-paying job there. As the result, apartments in financial and administrative centres like Munich or Frankfurt am Main are more expensive than in the capital.
Citizens of FRG consider a private house a more attractive option if compared to an apartment. On average, the cost of a private residence or a cottage is higher than that of an apartment in the same locality. That is why, for example, Berlin apartment catalogue includes very interesting offers at far more affordable prices.
Although Eastern and Western Germany united a long time ago, there remains a significant difference in development of these regions. This causes the difference in residential property prices – in eastern regions, the price of 1 sq. m. seldom exceeds one thousand euro, even in big cities.
However, investments will definitely pay off as more and more attention are paid to regional development.