Cash management


Investment market of Germany

Cash management within the territory of another country demands high proficiency, knowledge of local realities, professional analytical tools and experience in working at the investment market. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company possesses all the above-mentioned characteristics.

Assets’ rating in 2018 is as follows:
  1. real estate – apartments, apartment buildings, hotels, office premises or storage houses. Especially profitable investment is residential real estate, the cost of which is steadily increasing;
  2. market of valuable securities – Germany is an acknowledged leader in terms exporting finished products. Stocks of automobile production enterprises, enterprises of instrument making industry or textile industry guarantee a stable income;
  3. enterprises – investment or creating a new industrial object provides a large income, though it is considered a riskier investment project. Investment funds willingly invest money of the clients into enterprises: the economic stability of Germany allows minimizing the risks.

Assets management

Acquisition of a residential or commercial object presupposes receiving a profit. Development of any such object with the purpose to raise profitability of a project means an accurate current assets management. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company bears responsibility for assets management of more than 300 residential objects in Germany, which reaffirms its huge experience and competency.

Not all foreign investors have the option to manage assets in another country. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers a service of trust management, which guarantees increase in income.

Trust agreement concluded with the company includes the following articles:
  • exact list of assets and means transferred in trust;
  • period of effect of agreement, form and means of money returning;
  • areas of capital investments are necessarily agreed with the client;
  • description of all possible risks, loss allowance; 
  • level of responsibility of a management company is stated;
  • assumed profit of investor – this point is not necessary, but is included at will of the investor;
  • fee amount of the management company and terms of payment.

Assessment of assets management is conducted during the terms specified with the client. It includes not only the profit obtained by the investor, but also an object development, in respect to an industrial enterprise, or its maintenance in the proper condition if it deals with real estate.