Construction and reconstruction


Construction consulting

Real estate in Germany is one of the most reliable if you seek an investment into a foreign market. Real estate prices are increasing steadily; demand for residential and commercial premises never disappears. In 2017 investors spend more than 68 billion Euros in the German real estate markets. Population growth, increasing business due to Brexit, respectable economic conditions and political stability – that is what benefits Germany –and makes your investment safe. Naturally, construction and reconstruction in Germany remain the best way to invest capital.

Mor-Shoval Consulting Company offers its experience and knowledge in construction management, repair performance, building maintenance etc. Mor-Shoval Consulting, acting as a responsible construction manager, solves all the relevant tasks:
  • search for a suitable object with allowance for the location, transport junction, rental rate, area and any other wishes of the client;
  • assessment of the object including the technical expertise, data of the geological and geodesic analysis, consulting with architects and other required specialists;
  • project development with allowance for the contractor services, services of a lawyer, tax consultant and others. Mor-Shoval Consulting guarantees, that during the construction in Germany the project cost never changes, as the project includes all possible expense items;
  • control over work performance.

Construction control

Characteristic of the construction in Germany is a high determination of the process. Specialists and contractors engaged in the construction or repair works, perform a specified amount of work within the prearranged terms. Mor-Shoval Consulting supervises work performances to implement the objects construction in accordance with the plan. Consequently, this means no additional expenses.

Arrangement of control over construction includes some necessary procedures:
  • design, engagement of the required specialists and development of the schedule of work performance;
  • compulsory attendance at submission of every stage of works, quality audit of the finished constructions;
  • control over keeping to the projects budget;
  • record maintenance of all necessary documentation at work acceptance;
  • consulting and negotiations with architects, engineers of communication systems, fire prevention inspectors and others.

Huge experience and knowledge of specialists enables Mor-Shoval Consulting to offer its services for any building and repair. Mor-Shoval Consulting monitors the construction progress during the conversion of objects of any type, even those recognized as historical value.