Monitoring and coordination of Due Diligence process


Investment projects

Economic stability in Germany that only suffered little, even during the crisis of 2009, attracted and still attracts foreign investors. As a decisive aspect both, state and private banks, pursue a policy of tolerance towards foreign investors.
The most profitable are capital investments into the following spheres:
  • real estate market – real estate value is increasing steadily in any segment. German banks consider residential buildings as the most attractive objects, as permanent income is most easily achieved here. However, commercial real estate such as supermarkets, car wash facilities or shops also representative profitable investment;
  • securities market – the value of the leading German stocks increased three times comparing to 2009. At this market a rate correction is performed more often, though even a suspension of value growth is temporary. Mor-Shoval Consulting provides the most complete consultation with the leading specialists at this market;
  • Investment into current German enterprises can be considered as highly-profitable. Being one of the largest exporters in the world, Germany is undeniably the most reliable guarantor for capital injections.

Investment monitoring

Mor-Shoval Consulting provides a complete consulting support for the client at any stage of investment. Being a qualified investor, the company’s main goal is to offer and implement the most profitable projects.
  • At the first stage, Mor-Shoval Consulting develops an investment strategy together with the client, considering the client’s purposes, acceptable risk degree, payback period and others.
  • Profitable investments imply a search for the best possible objects that satisfy the investor’s purposes. The company’s specialists select several most attractive objects and conduct their initial audit. As Mor-Shoval Consulting is not a market agent or a broker, a choice of proposals is conducted on the objective basis and with account for the interests of the investor.
  • The company’s employees consider possible financing arrangements and, if required, negotiations with banks and other organizations are conducted.
  • The company provides a legal support for the client during the agreement conclusion.
Mor-Shoval Consulting undertakes to conduct the monitoring of the capital investments results and offers its services as a company that manages investments in Germany.