Object analysis


Real estate market in Germany is expansive and diverse which is undeniably its advantage, opposite, it makes the right choice of the best solution among plenty of attractive offers somewhat complicated. Price Waterhouse Coopers – a multinational professional services network-just announced that Berlin real estate is the best market to invest your money in 2018. Market evaluation of real estate in Germany offered by Mor-Shoval Consulting will help to find the best object.

Proximate analysis

Rapid analysis of residential or commercial real estate is necessary at the first stage, when the investor is just considering different proposals and is interested in the assessment of a certain object.

The role of the preliminary assessment is restricted as it includes small data amount and based on no more than two methods. As a rule, it is a comparison with the parameters of similar objects at the market and value calculation by discounted cash flow method.

However, even such real estate assessment allows weighing up the investment perspective, as it provides the data on the approximate market value and internal rate of return.


This option includes not only the determination of market value, but acquisition expenditures, possible operational and repair expenses. This method regards real estate as an object of economic analysis; however, it doesn’t include technical expertise of a building. Mini-expertise is convenient when a selection is conducted between several suitable options with the purpose to choose the best one.

Common expertise

This procedure includes several stages, part of which can be conducted if the ordering client is available or not. This method provides the most detailed information about the real estate’s situation.

At the first stage of the analysis of the real estate object, rough assessment of the market value and comparison with similar objects are performed. In addition, operational value and possible expenses are calculated.

External and internal object examinations are conducted. The examination can be conducted together with the ordering client. If it is required, specialists, architects and engineers are engaged.

The examination can also be conducted if a client is unavailable. In such case, the procedure includes taking photographs and drawing up a protocol.

Mor-Shoval Consulting conducts analysis and audit of all necessary documentation; it also establishes availability or unavailability of encumbrances – mortgage loan, legal encumbrance.

According to the expertise results, value determination of real estate is performed. As a rule, the result of a common expertise allows to reduce the price of an appealing building. Besides, Mor-Shoval Consulting offers a complete follow-up support for a sale and purchase transaction, ensuring security and success of the agreement for the client.