Real estate consulting

The real estate market in Germany offers a variety of objects which are attractive for an investment. Without expert knowledge it can be difficult to understand this abundance. An expert on the real estate market, like Mor-Shoval Consulting Company, offers a full range of services on the construction consulting:

  1. valuation of the real estate market of the region, perspective of investment;
  2. search for real estate objects in Germany, matching the features specified by the client;
  3. development of the project, taking into account the local specific conditions;
  4. plan provision of the development and the most efficient use;
  5. calculation of the use and maintenance cost of the building, apartment or commercial object.
Consulting Mor-Shoval Consulting provides you with professional assistance - both in selling and buying an object.

Technical audit

The value of property is estimated by its location, proximity to road junctions, regional development, but its price depends rather on the technical situation. Mor-Shoval Consulting provides property assessment services:

  • audit of the exterior of the building, assessment of the conditions of the utility systems and structural assemblies. A field expert may be engaged if necessary;
  • audit of technical documentation and its correspondence to the regulations established in Germany, determination of property depreciation;
  • measurement of technical equipment;
  • tenants’ review – both existing and potential.

Construction audit

Real estate consulting in Germany necessarily includes construction audit. Mor-Shoval Consulting performs an audit of the object to increase economic attractiveness and minimize costs. In respect of construction, it is recommended to perform an audit at the stage of calculations.

Specialists of Mor-Shoval Consulting provide the following services:

  1. calculations on optimization of the expenses on materials and works performed;
  2. assessment of service and maintenance costs of the object;
  3. recommendations on providing an adequate level of security;
  4. assessment of design and technical solutions under project implementation;
  5. control over building development, including verification and assessment of every stage of construction;
  6. legal solution.