Investment market of Germany is quite diverse, but only a professional team of specialists - Mor-Shoval Consulting Company - can make profit of this variety.
Construction and remedial work in Germany are a huge and prosperous market. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company offers to use its benefits.
The search for a suitable real estate object necessarily includes the assessment of its value and state. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers its services upon assessment and audit of real estate.
Investments into the FRG economy are the most reliable capital investments. Mor-Shoval Consulting offers to consider the most profitable investments.
Mor-Shoval Consulting offers a highly qualified expert assessment of the potential business partners in order to provide a complete security for your investments.
Investing in a foreign country- especially in Germany- is a good choice to be made. But the process and being in the right hands is the most crucial factor to get around a foreign countries laws and habits. Unfortunately, not everyone acts in your best interest.

Real estate in Germany

For a good reason the real estate market in Germany is seen as most attractive for foreign investors. In terms of legislation of the country, the rights of citizens and foreign owners of property are unconditionally equal. That’s why selling of residential property represents the largest market.
Mor-Shoval Consulting performs a full range of services on the real estate selection, assessment, legal transaction, conducting negotiations with the banks and others.

Preparatory phase

Specification of the investment purpose is perhaps more important than selection and acquisition of the object. Whether a speedy return on investment is supposed or, on the contrary, real estate shall bring income within many years, whether you need to apply for a loan or there is a possibility to find the cash resources required, whether a reconstruction or repair of the object is intended - Mor-Shoval Consulting will help to solve all these issues at the stage of a project.
The company embraces in broker’s services in Germany a selection of the objects at the market that correspond all the characteristics specified by the client.

Audit and assessment

Having an excellent knowledge of real estate market, the specialists of Mor-Shoval Consulting perform a complete audit of an object based on current realities and perspective:
  • cost evaluation – in accordance with the current state of a local market;
  • technical expertise of a building, including to address different specialists that is typical of the cooperation in Germany;
  • burdening establishment – debt, mortgage loans and others;
  • assessment of real estate investment perspective

Notary services

Property transfer in Germany comes into force only after the notarization. This procedure is strictly regulated and demands some time. Mor-Shoval Consulting Company guarantees full support for the client at any stage:
  • preparation of necessary documentation, audit of the transaction entity, solving of all the issues arising during the transaction agreement;
  • physical object transfer is performed right after the agreement conclusion. However, it comes into force after adding the relevant data; 
  • real estate management:
      - conclusion of agreements with the supplier companies, formation of lease agreements, search for tenants, apartment building management - Mor-Shoval Consulting performs a full range of services on the principles of outsourcing.