The advantages of the Berlin real estate market


Investments in Germany

Stability is an integral part of market attractiveness. The country economy least of all suffered from the crisis which fact causes high level of foreign investors interest.

Among all project proposals, the real estate market draws the most attention:

  • To buy a house in Germany is as easy for a foreigner as for a resident: German law does not impose any restrictions.
  • Security of such transaction is government-guaranteed: any possibility of purchasing encumbered residential property is eliminated.
  • According to the statistics, 57% of FRG population prefers renting the residential property without purchasing it. Correspondingly, investments in residential buildings guaranty the returns. And the rental market is forecast to grow in the following years. We can advise you were your investment is the most profitable.
Real property in Berlin, Germany has a range of additional benefits.

Residential property in Berlin

According to Urban Land Institute in 2017, Berlin was nominated to be the leader of European residential property market. This city is regarded to be the most prospective market making way for Amsterdam, Athens and Barcelona. This situation is caused by a number of reasons.

  • Berlin is the capital of the second country in the world by the amount of merchandise turnover. Changes in its status resulted in mobilization of big and middle-sized business, increase in the number of tourists, etc. Consequently, real estate market started to attract not only local but also foreign investors.
  • Residential property in Germany is rented by more than half of its population. In the capital, rental income from residential property varies from 4 to 10%. A city apartment is a reliable source of both short-term – rental – and long-term income. Real estate agencies in Berlin offer several attractive projects, and Mor-Shoval Consulting will help you in understanding them.
  • German laws concerning the purchase and ownership of real estate has remained unchanged for about 100 years. Each item is entered Land Register making possible to learn its history and present condition. Fraud is completely eliminated.
  • Berlin is the greenest capital in the EU. Forests occupy 18% of city territory, and parks - 12%. Notwithstanding last decade building boom, the city preserves its title.
  • In a Europe-wide comparison Berlin is still one of the most vibrant cities with the lowest living expenses. Therefore, a lot of people are moving to Berlin which rises the competition and demand on the rental market. The number of living units in Berlin is still not covered and therefore does not supply the needs. Until 2030 194.000 more rental units will be needed to fulfil the market’s needs. In addition, because of its comparatively low costs in building and buying, it’s the most attractive market for investments in real estate. 

Mor-Shoval Consulting will help each client in finding the best solution. Being one of the bets real estate management companies in Berlin, it ensures stable income and project development without any need for you to be in the country all the time.