Trust management concept

In most cases, real estate items are purchased for commercial use ensuring a steady income. However, it is impossible to manage the property without living in Germany directly. Trust management of property offered by Mor-Shoval Consulting enables efficient property management while being thousand miles away.
This implies delegation of management duties, in other words, it is a partial transfer of the owner’s rights for certain actions to another person. This kind of agreement enables the owner to gain a predictable income without being constantly involved in the management process.
Mor-Shoval Consulting is engaged in all kinds of property management activities:
  • legal – negotiations with government institutions, settlement of all legal and administrative issues concerning the trust property;
  • economical – lease relationship management, balancing of expenses and income with the view to achieving a perfect budget;
  • technical – utility hook-up, organization of repair and decoration, if needed, property maintenance.

Services of Mor-Shoval Consulting

Transfer of real estate to trust management involves a discharge of the following obligations:
  • choosing a tenant – Mor-Shoval Consulting guaranties to rent out only to those tenants that proved to be true and reliable, and exactly for the term specified by the owner. All of the client’s preferences – if pets are allowed, expected quantity of people - are invariably granted;
  • agreement making – company experts prepare lease agreements considering all conditions specified by the owner and peculiarities of local legislation;
  • Mor-Shoval Consulting employees monitor timely payment of rent. According to trust deed for property located in Berlin, as well as in any other city, funds are transferred to the bank account specified by the owner;
  • the company controls timely payment for utility services. Mor-Shoval Consulting supports the client’s reputation as a responsible and reliable owner;
  • management of a real estate item in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main includes property insurance. Insurance may be deducted from rental payments or included in payments for use of property.